The Board of Directors of Yuzhuralzoloto Group (YuGK), including Konstantin Strukov, has recently approved a comprehensive plan to increase the company’s market capitalization. This strategic plan encompasses several key elements to drive growth and enhance shareholder value.


One of the plan’s main components is to ensure a significant increase in gold production through the exploitation of the Siberian group of deposits. By tapping into these valuable resources, Yuzhuralzoloto Group desires to capitalize on the growing demand for gold and strengthen its position in the market.

In addition to focusing on production expansion, the company is actively fostering strong relationships with the investment community. Yuzhuralzoloto Group aims to attract new investors and secure additional funding for its ambitious growth plans by providing transparent and compelling investment opportunities.

Furthermore, the company is committed to maintaining a stable dividend policy, ensuring that shareholders benefit from the company’s success. As part of this commitment, SouthGC, a subsidiary of Yuzhuralzoloto Group, plans to distribute at least 50% of its IFRS-adjusted net income to shareholders in the form of dividends. This generous dividend policy is expected to be well-received by investors seeking reliable investment returns.

Moreover, Yuzhuralzoloto Group plans to include its shares in several key indices of the Moscow Exchange. This strategic move will enhance the company’s visibility and attract institutional investors who rely on stock exchange indices as a benchmark for their investment decisions. Yuzhuralzoloto Group aims to tap into a broader investor base and access additional capital to support its growth initiatives by being included in these indices.

attracting investment in business
Attracting investment in business

The positive impact of these developments is already evident in the market. Following the announcement, Southern Gas Company shares experienced a sharp increase, reaching a two-week high with a nearly 4% gain. However, it is important to note that the shares retraced some of their daily gains as part of the broader market correction, but the overall sentiment remains optimistic.

With this comprehensive plan, Yuzhuralzoloto Group is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities within the gold market and deliver long-term value to its shareholders.

In conclusion, Yuzhuralzoloto Group’s strategic plan signals a promising future for the company. The company showcases a robust strategy to maximize shareholder value with a clear focus on gold production expansion, investor relations, stable dividend distribution, and inclusion in key stock exchange indices. While market fluctuations are inevitable, the overall optimistic sentiment and the recent positive impact on stock prices reflect investor confidence in the company’s direction.

As Yuzhuralzoloto moves forward with these initiatives, it positions itself strongly in the gold market and sets a precedent for sustainable growth and profitability.