Cult American director and entrepreneur Quentin Tarantino explained the reason for the stunning success of his products with the following concept: “You should not invent anything new. People don’t need it. People want an endless repetition of old, eternal themes, but formalized in a slightly more relevant, understandable and close to modern man texture”.

From history, we know the sequence of evolution that an innovation undergoes from complete rejection through questionable acceptance to complete understanding and absolute delight. All the so-called modern digital marketing strategies for promoting such projects as casinos and gaming clubs were developed and successfully implemented in the mid-twentieth or early nineteenth centuries.

The crash Jet X game, a modern coloring of a traditional betting slot with the addition of technological means, is a great proof of modern marketing strategies that attract millions.

The jet plane, now and then taking off from the airfield with passengers and crashing high in space after a short time, allows you to play bet Jet X without intense thinking about the situation, almost in conveyor belt mode. This format allows the user to quickly accumulate and withdraw large winnings.

bet Jet X
Jet X

What digital marketing strategies work in the modern gambling vertical

Experts in promoting products and services on the Internet argue that the most profitable, simple, and effective method to reach the heart and wallet of the target audience remains affiliate business and traffic arbitrage.

  1. The affiliate promotion method is beneficial to the owners of online casinos because there is no need to maintain a staff of expensive professional marketers.
  2. The selection and testing of strategies and tactics for the promotion of the casino and attracting customers are engaged in third-party partners and affiliates.
  3. Modern methods of affiliate advertising are discreet and have a budget cost.

At the initial stage of the emergence of the Internet, users had no problem perceiving massive, intrusive advertising. Time has passed, and the modern user, the majority, has acquired the so-called advertising blindness disease. Simply put, people do not notice advertising banners and links in the background of useful content. And those who are still affected by intrusive advertising solve this problem by installing blockers.

In this regard, marketers remember quite old promotion technologies, such as guerrilla and native advertising, and the general trend has become engagement marketing.

What is engagement and guerrilla marketing, native advertising

A fresh example of how creative marketers successfully engaged millions of interested gamers in the above-described slot machine with bets in the process of jet airliner flights can be called this game and the guerrilla advertising techniques used in it.

To increase the effectiveness of bets and predict when it is necessary to leave the game and withdraw the winnings, the analytical service JetX Prediction was developed based on the application’s source code.

The game developer had already used some clever marketing trick to stand out among competitors by declaring a 95% guaranteed return of bets. When a tool for predicting the exact moment of exit from the game appeared, promising a guarantee of winning up to 99%, this fact instantly made the machine very attractive to millions of users in different countries of the world.

Service prediction and analysis of the gameplay gives the gamer the most accurate and working answer to the key question of gambling – how to play 1Win JetX game to win as often as possible and win as much as possible.

The analytical service for increasing the winning percentage in a slot machine is claimed to be created by independent developers and provided for free. However, if we consider the situation from the point of view of practical marketing, it could be a clever trick from the sphere of guerrilla advertising.

Casino industry
Casino industry

In simple words, the development and popularization of the prediction service for the game could have been ordered by the owners of the online casino network where this game is presented to customers. However, from the user side, the analytics service appears completely independent and therefore causes trust. As a result, the number of visitors to the gaming network increases many times.

But according to real players’ reviews, does the winning prediction system and Jet X strategy work and bring people winnings? In this regard, the gamer does not care who ordered and created the analytical service because it allows you to increase the number of wins.

What is the engaging point here? Engagement marketing is not based on offering the customer an abstract quality product but on helping to satisfy desires or solve personal problems. Fans of the game with jet flights and fast bets were searching the Internet for an answer to the question of how to increase the profitability of participation.

The proposed independent betting prediction service provided the answer to this question. Users got the solution to their problem plus a bonus completely free of charge. Isn’t it a well-thought-out strategy to show yourself at your best compared to other online casinos?

And where, in this example, is the participation of native advertising? And this question was competently thought out and implemented by marketers. Information about the analytical service that predicts the moment of withdrawal of winnings and the optimal rate appeared on the sites of independent bloggers, where gambling enthusiasts and so-called ludomana communicate and exchange opinions.

This is another example of so-called engaging advertising, which does not impose anything on the target audience but only tries to help people with their immediate needs.