When people plan a trip, they pay attention not only to the climate and comfortable conditions for recreation, but also to the historical, cultural attractions of their destination. Also, we are sure that the State of Georgia is the most optimal place for a pleasant pastime. It is also the fourth state to be incorporated in the United States. The State of Georgia has become popular as a holiday destination.

Georgia sights for holiday

The warm climate and pleasant weather of this state attract tourists from all over the world, and it is located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists can find there bars with exotic drinks, as well as a unique native kitchen, crab hunting in shallow waters and mountaineering.

The locals are distinguished by a good-natured, cheerful, calm disposition and they are very hospitable. Shopping lovers should start exploring the region from the capital, which is Atlanta city, which jazz pianist named Ray Charles sang in his songs. There, you will find many museums, parks and the world’s largest aquarium.

Savannah is the second city in this state that we recommend you visit during your trip to the United States. It is a popular city, and there is one legend that a replaceable pirate named John Flint ended his life, which was the main character of the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson called «Treasure Island».

South American Science Centre

Savannah is known not only by its beautiful and unique nature, but also by the Georgia Institute of Technology, where the best scientists and engineers of the USA receive their brilliant education. Many programs that are popular among modern computer and laptop owners have been developed precisely through these professionals and graduates of this university.

Georgia Institute of Technology

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The headquarters and production facilities of the largest IT corporations are located in the cities of the State of Georgia, such as AppZoro Technologies Inc, Cloudnosys Inc and Appscrip. Today, a corporation such as Georgia Tech has transformed into a full-fledged university. One of the historical events of the school is connected with the promotion of the administration of accessible Internet for students.

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Remarkable facts about Georgia

Okefenokee Wilderness is a place that every traveller should visit. There, the ancient nature of America is preserved, which the first settlers saw. This state was subordinate to British rule for many years, and because of this, there are many old English architecture such as administrative buildings.

In Atlanta, there is a Coca-Cola Museum, which has worldwide popularity. It was in this city, pharmacies existed a long time ago, which sold this drink in the form of herbal tincture that healed sick US residents. It was also in Atlanta that Margaret Mitchell wrote her famous novel called «Gone with the Wind», which tells about the life and love of ordinary people during the North-South War. The adaptation of this book won ten prestigious Oscars.