In bustling Dubai, the maritime sector represents a thriving industry with vast growth potential. Yacht rental businesses have emerged as an especially promising niche among the many ventures in this domain. However, establishing a yacht rental involves navigating various technicalities and legal prerequisites. This guide aims to illuminate the path toward successfully registering a yacht rental business in Dubai, providing comprehensive insights into the essential technical aspects and legal considerations.

What to remember

The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) oversees the registration process of yacht rental businesses in Dubai. Established to ensure the smooth functioning of maritime operations in the city, the DMCA assumed this role from the Federal Transport Authority – Land & Maritime (FTA) in early 2017, following a memorandum of understanding between the two authorities.

While the FTA continues to serve as the responsible authority for registering pleasure boats in Abu Dhabi and other cities, Dubai’s registration system has been specifically designed to streamline the procedure, reflecting the city’s status as an international marine hub.

Under Dubai law, specifically Executive Council Resolution No. 11 of 2013, yachts, or pleasure vessels, are broadly classified into two categories: motorized and non-motorized. Non-motorized vessels include sailing, rowing, and other similar types of vessels, thereby providing a wide range of options for boating enthusiasts.

Motorized vessels are further segmented into categories, each with technical requirements and registration fees. These categories include personal watercraft and similar vessels, vessels less than 12 meters long, vessels between 12 and 24 meters long, and vessels exceeding 24 meters in length. This detailed categorization ensures that each type of motorized vessel is treated according to its specific characteristics, ensuring compliance with safety standards.


By adhering to the DMCA’s registration process, yacht rental businesses in Dubai can operate within a well-defined framework that supports the growth and development of the local maritime industry. This streamlined registration process promotes transparency and accountability while enhancing the overall experience for yacht owners and renters, contributing to the flourishing maritime landscape in Dubai.

In conclusion, registering a yacht rental business in Dubai requires a detailed understanding of the city’s maritime laws and guidelines. The DMCA plays a pivotal role in ensuring these businesses operate within a legal and safe framework. Understanding the technical requirements for different types of yachts and their registration process is crucial for a successful venture.

By adhering to these guidelines, yacht rental businesses contribute to Dubai’s economic growth and uphold its reputation as a global marine hub. Prospective entrepreneurs are recommended to seek professional advice to navigate the registration process efficiently and establish their enterprise on a solid foundation.