Georgia Guidestones For decades there has been scientific and popular debate about weird commandments that were engraved on a strange monument in the state of Georgia in the United States. Specialists believe that the appearance of these letters is connected with the activities of the world’s shadow hierarchy, which tried to control all peoples and governments. This place is compared to Stonehenge and the Tower of Babel. One of the most mysterious and scandalous monuments of the 20th century was discovered in the northeast of the American state of Georgia on March 22, 1980, the day of the Spring Equinox. It is located at the highest point of the hill in Elbert County.

It is named Georgia Guidestones for the simple reason: it is engraved with 10 commandments of the new world order. At the request of the United Nations, the text was translated into English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese, as well as into Hindi, Kiswahili, and Hebrew.

Georgia Guidestones

Inscriptions were made on each side of four giant vertical slabs, which reach a height and a width of more than five and two meters, respectively. These tables are oriented according to the annual movement of the Sun. There is a narrow plate in the center. It has a hole, which you can see the Polar Star at any time of the year. The sixth plate is directed upwards like a roof. On each side of the upper table are inscriptions in four ancient languages stating that these guidestones should serve as a testament to the Age of the Mind. There is a hole in the middle of the plate. It is constructed in such a way that the sunlight that falls it when the sun hits the zenith falls the central stone and indicates the day of the year.

Some as a call for intelligent living and some as genocide see the scandalous call for birth control and the reduction of the world’s population to 500 million people. The monument was vandalized for no reason.

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding this American monument, so similar to Stonehenge. One of them was its customer, who wished to remain anonymous and chose the pseudonym Robert Christchen. Due to the initials of the pseudonym, many associate its creation with the secret Rosicrucians Fellowship.

Another puzzle is the capsule for descendants, which is placed beneath it, but the date when it must be opened is left blank.

It’s interesting how locals believe that the monument serves as a venue for mystical rituals with sacrifices since a quadcopter flying over it captured stains that looked like blood.
Adepts, conspiracy theorists, and just curious people come to see the Guidestones every year.