The people of Georgia of the USA and other corners of the world that have smartphones and tablets with Android Basis cannot miss the opportunity and therefore should pay attention to the Lark Player app. With this, control over multimedia files reaches a new level of comfort within a single user device. But we will tell you consistently and clearly.

Lark Player is a mobile application for Android that allows users to play various media content on the phone. According to this brief description, many websites described the application. Moreover, after reading, many people think that they’re looking at another player that can only play videos and files. However, the functions of the programme are much broader.

Music and video

The Lark Player application will show you and other users all the audio and video files you have saved on your device before. That’s why in the future you won’t lose a single file on your device. In addition, he won’t have any trouble finding any song or video. You can easily play and partition all your multimedia files by folders or playlists. Moreover, if a user knows exactly what he or she is looking for, then k can start to operate a specialized navigation system with search string and filters.

Lark Player automatically analyses any user activity. Therefore, you can display statistics at any time to see which songs or clips look and listen to the most. Also, you can see the history of actions that you have done, and this list will have such lines as displaying video headers and tracks that you have played recently.

The application provides videos from YouTube too. Therefore, each user has the ability to search for content on this platform in the local interface. However, it is not possible to download clips as implemented on platforms like TubeMate.

In addition, the application has a tab called «Trends», which allows viewing selected playlists that other users have created and adding them to their accounts.

Lark Player
Lark Player


This program provides access to an equalizer that will help you and other users to adjust the various volume and quality parameters. In addition, there is a sleep timer that helps to automatically put the application into dormant mode after a certain period of time. And the user can also manage the use of the data by forbidding spending the mobile Internet to download content. This saves your traffic limits and prevents you from spending expensive megabytes if WiFi is turned off and the user does not notice.

Note that this apk free for each user. In addition, after installing this application, you won’t have to pay to use Lark Player either. However, in the free version, advertising is very obsessive, and if you want to get rid of it, you have to pay true but for small money.

Features and features of this program

  1. Playing videos and songs that are stored in the device memory.
  2. Support for YouTube.
  3. Viewing popular playlists and adding them to your profile.
  4. An embedded equalizer.
  5. It is possible to adjust different settings.
  6. You can get rid of advertising by donating.

Finally, we should note that today, you will be able to do applications free downloads not only from Google Play, which has recently very limited the number of available programs due to intensive security features.