German Khan is a famous Russian businessman and philanthropist who has achieved great success in various sectors of the economy. He became one of Russia’s wealthiest and most influential people thanks to his skills and talents.

In this article, we would like to describe a brief biography of Khan, as well as his general business projects and contributions to the development of the Russian economy. This will help you to get a general impression of this talented person and entrepreneur.

Education and career start

German was born on October 24, 1961, in Kyiv. Since then, he has gone a long way, so he is one of many successful entrepreneurs in Russia. After graduating from high school, Khan first worked at one of the Kyiv factories and then entered the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, which successfully graduated in 1983. After that, he worked at a research institute, developing and producing laser girdles.

In 1989, Khan began his business career, so he founded the cooperative, which started to engage in mass tailoring. However, in 1990, his friends from his student years invited this talented young man to work at ALFA ECO, such as Mikhail Fridman and Alexey Kuzmichev.

In 1996, Khan became the director of this organization. Then, in 1998, he took the director position on the “Tyumen oil company” board. There, he was appointed First Vice President.


Alfa Eco grew fast, becoming one of Russia’s leading investment companies. Khan actively invested in various sectors of the economic field of Russia, and telecommunications, oil and gas, banking, and retail activities are among them.

One of its vital business projects of Khan was the purchase of shares in the oil and gas company TNK-BP. The deal was among the largest and most successful in Russian business history. As a result, Khan and his partners acquired a majority stake in the company and became one of the most influential people in Russia’s oil and gas industry.

According to the German Khan official website, in 2013, this entrepreneur became a shareholder and member of the board of directors of MegaFon. This is one of the largest telecom operators in Russia. You will have noticed that each of Khan’s undertakings has succeeded.

German Khan


In addition to business, German Khan is engaged in charity work and participates in various public organizations. He created a «Khan Capital» charity fund, which helps social projects in Russia. One such project is the support of young talented athletes who receive financial assistance and the opportunity to study in sports schools.

Another project of Khan is an educational program called «School of Future Leaders,» which aims to identify and support young and talented people who can become leaders in their fields.

Personal life

German Khan is married and has three children. The businessman has two daughters and one son. He is a big football fan and believes that sports contribute to man’s spiritual and physical development.


German Khan is a significant person in the Russian business field. Thanks to his business projects and charitable initiatives, this entrepreneur became one of Russia’s most influential and respected people. He is still investing his capital in various sectors of the Russian economic field and working on creating new projects that can change the lives of millions of people.