An artistic welcome

The interchange at Atlanta’s Fulton Industrial Boulevard and Interstate 20 has recently undergone a makeover that includes upgraded landscaping, pedestrian crosswalks, new streetlights, repairs to sidewalks and curbs, and now, a signature sculpture. Titled Stella Nova, or New Star, the sculpture welcomes people to the commercial district and celebrates the completion of the $1.8-million interchange improvement project by the Boulevard Community Improvement District (CID).

Atlanta artist David Landis created the unique sculpture and it reflects the CID’s commitment to make people more aware of the district’s dynamic economy and overall attractiveness. “The interchange is our gateway entrance, and this signature art piece adds to the welcome we offer everyone and lets them know that they’ve arrived in a unique and intentionally managed district,” said Gil Prado, executive director of the Boulevard CID, in a press release.

The sculpture is part of the CID’s goal of including art in its streetscape improvement efforts. Such visual elements help distinguish the district, which has a history of incorporating public art displays.

Photo of Stella Nova by Gil Prado.

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