In the southern United States, in southwestern Georgia, there is a wilderness area named Wild Animal Safari Park. It is a fairly spacious area where cageless animals live freely. Thanks to a strong but invisible metal fence, the park is fully protected all year round. The Safari Park crosses a road where visitors can drive in cars and view animals in the wild. There is a wide variety of wild ungulates, such as goat, roe deer, giraffe, zebras, wild boars, and buffaloes. Predators also live here, but behind a reliable fence. Among them, rhinos, tigers, crocodiles, bears, and lions.
There are three ways how to visit a safari park.

  • by bus for 30 passengers with a guide;
  • minivan for 7 passengers;
  • trip by private car.

A minivan is preferred for one simple reason: the traveler will not be tied to a guide, so he can choose his own route and time to stop. At the same time, the traveler doesn’t have to worry about the safety of his car, which can be damaged by animals.